The Editing and Production Process

The editing process, and therefore the time it takes to publish your book, will vary depending on the nature and quality of your manuscript.

The first step in the process is usually the Content Editor, who will suggest general changes to be made by the author. This is often the slowest part of the process. The provisional publication date for your work is usually decided upon after the content editing process is complete.

Next, the Copy Editor will make more detailed changes and proofread the manuscript.

Once the editors are satisfied, your manuscript will be considered to be “accepted” (as defined in your author agreement) and it will be sent for typesetting. From this point, editorial changes will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

After the manuscript has been typeset, it will be proofread and corrected before being sent to the author for final approval.

Sometimes things go wrong – we understand that. Delays happen. Mistakes are made. We’re human and you’re human. But together we’ll work to produce fabulous books.

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