Author Marketing Guide: Blogs

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Our Blog

We have a successful blog on our website that is regularly updated with promotional information about our books. As well as promoting new releases, we also use the blog to post original content from authors, advertise author events, and share the latest news from Sacristy Press.

Sending us content for the blog not only helps us engage with readers on social media, but helps bring search engine traffic to your book – and ultimately increase sales.

Here are some ideas to get you writing:

  • Current affairs or news items related to your book
  • Trends on social media related to your book
  • Upcoming events you’re taking part in
  • Intriguing extracts from your book
  • How you write or where you get your inspiration
  • “On this day”
  • Articles about events, people or places in your book
  • How you researched your book

You might find inspiration by browsing through some of our blog posts. If you have any content that might be suitable for the blog, or an idea that you would like to discuss, contact us.

Your Blog

If you have your own blog, then we can help you use it to promote your book. Make sure that whenever you blog something that is even slightly relevant to your book, you include a link back to your book on our website. Chances are that if you don’t provide an easy link for readers to buy your book, they won’t bother looking for it themselves and just move on to the next thing vying for their attention.

Update your blog template or theme so that it includes links to your book (on our website) in the header, sidebars and footer. You could even include the cover image on the sidebar or elsewhere.

Tumblr is a great way to start blogging really quickly and easily, but is relatively limited when it comes to customisation.

If you would prefer a more mature and flexible platform, try WordPress, especially if you would like to turn your blog into a fully-fledged website. The basic package is free, and it is fairly inexpensive to hide adverts or use your own web address (or “domain name”, in technical language).

If you need help setting up a blog or a simple website, just ask – we are very happy to help.

Don’t forget to tell us about your blog so that we can help you spread the word!

When you’ve published a blog post, remember to cross-promote it on social media.

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