Author Marketing Guide: Traditional Reviews

Reviews in the media and on blogs are an important way to build up interest in your book, and are a great boon to any marketing material for a release.

Is there someone specific who would provide an influential review? Whose endorsement might encourage people to purchase your book? Are there blogs about the topic of your book? Make sure that we know!

If you have contacts in the media, use them. Tell them about your book, ask which of their colleagues might be interested and how to contact them, and don’t be shy to keep pestering them.

When you have identified the demographics of your audience, use that information to work out what newspapers, magazines, specialist journals and blogs they might read. Find out which blogs and other media are reviewing books like yours. 

Before you contact anyone, have a chat with us to work out the best strategy. Some potential reviewers might respond best to the publisher, whereas others might respond to the author. Others may require a more coordinated approach.

We automatically send review copies to a couple of the most influential Christian newspapers (for theology titles), and we have subject-specific mailing lists to whom we send information about new releases. Before you compile your list, just ask if you would like details of the publications we will automatically contact.

In summary: Do your homework. Create a prioritised list of as many potential reviewers as you can. Where possible, include their contact details. Get in touch with us to discuss strategy.

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