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  • Broken Light - product image Coming Soon
    • Broken Light

      by Jennifer Denning

      Paperback £14.99

      A powerful story of the timeless search for meaning, hope and love, set against the sea-haunted backdrop of Northumbria, drawing on the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of North East England.

      Broken Light - product image Coming Soon
  • Star of the Sea: The Cresswell Chronicles - product image
  • Joy and Felicity - product image
    • Joy and Felicity

      by Sarah Meyrick ★★★★

      Paperback £14.99

      What happens when everything you thought you knew about your family turns out to be a lie? As two sisters meet at their dying mother’s bedside, they discover a bond between them that runs far deeper than they imagined. Will the truth about secrets buried in their past finally set them free?

      Joy and Felicity - product image

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In Memoriam: The (Catholic) Public School

Image: Hugh Llewelyn/Flickr (CC BY-SA)  Among those who died in the First World War were many pupils of distinguished Catholic schools whose legacy is still remembered today. Mark Cleary, author of Educating in Faith, considers that legacy. Standing in the nave of the magnificent D…

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D-Day and the ministry of Catholic military chaplains

Image: Flickr/DVIDSHUB (CC BY) For the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944, James Hagerty and Barry Hudd recall the brave ministry of Catholic military chaplains during Operation Overlord On Tuesday 6 June 1944 – D-Day – Allied troops landed …

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REVIEW: First Flight Feathers

Christopher Idle reviews First Flight Feathers in Congregational History Society Magazine Irony, paradox, parable and humour are all found in Holy Scripture, but may not sit so comfortably with our Sunday morning mixed congregation. Imagination, question, suggestion, creativity can be…

Added about a month ago.

Three steps that will make a difference for Christians this election year

As the UK, US and many other countries prepare to go to the polls in 2024, what distinct and crucial contribution can Christians make to the common life and for the common good? Martin Gainsborough, Bishop of Kingston and author of Politics & Mission, reflects. It has been commented that…

Added about a month ago.

So, what? Unearthing a Defiant Faith

“It’s hard not to commend a work of theology that namechecks both Leonard Cohen and the Boar’s Head (Aberystwyth)”. Michael Lewis, former Bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf, reflects on John Holdsworth’s recent book, Hidden in Plain Sight: Unearthing and Earthing the Psalm…

Added about 3 months ago.

Aristocratic Archbishops: exploring the life of Edward Vernon Harcourt

Family history is a popular hobby for many, but what if one of your ancestors was the last aristocratic Archbishop of York? Tony Vernon-Harcourt writes about his journey of discovery wondering what his great-great-great grandfather was really like A marble bust of Edward Vernon-Harcourt,…

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