A Summer of Books!

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Heading off on holiday this summer? Don't forget to pack our new releases and some of our old favourites! (There's also a teaser of some new books coming soon...)

Recent Releases

Constantinople to Chalcedon: Shaping the World to Come

by Patrick Whitworth

In this rapid but detailed narrative, Patrick Whitworth examines the Church of the fourth and fifth centuries, a time in which the Church can be said to have exercised a dominant role in political history. Constantinople to Chalcedon delves into the history of the Early Church from the last days of the Roman Empire to the Council of Chalcedon and examines the influence that this period of history had upon the modern world as we know it.

Follow Me: Living the Sayings of Jesus

by Ian Black

Do you struggle to follow the teachings of Jesus as found in the Gospels? In this thought-provoking and accessible book, Ian Black examines eight directions about life by Jesus and applies them to the challenges of modern-day living. For anyone who wants to see the links between what Jesus said and how we live today, this book is a perfect guide either for an individual or a group.

Fabulous Fiction!

Two Families at War

by David Lowther

London, 1940. The Blitz. Having fled Nazi Germany, the Gerbers are forced to make a new life in Britain and soon come to clash with the criminals that flourished during the Second World War.

Secret Lives

by Barbara Greig

From Spain to England, this thrilling tale tells the story of religious persecution, love, and betrayal in sixteenth-century Europe. After fleeing Spain as a child, how will Luis Gharsia survive in this tumultuous time?

A Similar Devotion

by Susan Bell

Two women struggle against tragedy in this dual romantic narrative that spans across time. Set between the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715 and the modern age, this novel shows that love can overcome all obstacles.

Old Favourites

A Brief History of End Time

by Paula Clifford

Is it the apocalypse yet? In this fascinating book, Paula Clifford examines end-time beliefs and ideas with an eye towards the fears of the modern age and the destiny of our world.

God's People and the Seduction of Empire

by Graham Turner

How does the modern world dominate so many people? In this examination of the story of God's people, Graham Turner demonstrates that personal spirituality and social justice are the bedrocks of the Old and New Testaments and the path to the Kingdom of God.

The Evil that Men Do

by Marcus Paul

In this thoughtful book, the worst periods of Church history are examined frankly and critically in order to expand our understanding of what it means to be a Christian in the modern age.

Coming Soon!

Here’s a tantalising taste of what’s to come over the next few months...

The Divine Heart of Darkness   The Summer of '39   Animating Liturgy   Holy Ground   Hope in Dark Places

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