Nicholas Henshall

Nicholas Henshall has been Dean of Chelmsford since 2014. He served as a parish priest for fourteen years in inner-city Newcastle, followed by six years as Canon Precentor of Derby Cathedral, and five as vicar of Christ Church, Harrogate. He worked for BBC local radio for six years and writes regularly for the Roman Catholic international weekly, The Tablet.

Photograph of Nicholas Henshall

Where Does Dear Nicholas… Come From?

GUEST BLOG: The book Dear Nicholas… wasn't really intended as a book at all. Nicholas Henshall, the original recipient of the letter and now Dean of Chelmsford, reveals all. The book Dear Nicholas… started life as a letter. My dad, Michael Henshall, was a parish priest in Manc…

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Culture and Society

GUEST BLOG: Nicholas Henshall, Dean of Chelmsford, explains why his father’s letter written 30 years ago remains absolutely relevant for ministers today. Any book about ministry and the church is also a book about culture and society—about what's happening in the world. Everythi…

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A new era of Cathedral governance - a Dean's perspective

GUEST BLOG: Nicholas Henshall, Dean of Chelmsford, gives his insights on the new Cathedrals Working Group report. The report cites his chapter from Holy Ground. The final version of the Cathedral Working Group (CWG) report is out today, properly timetabled in order to be ready for the synodical (…

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