Prayers for Living: 500 Prayers for Public and Private Worship


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Format: Paperback (269 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-188-0

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Prayers for Living offers 500 new accessible, contemporary and wide-ranging intercessory prayers suitable for public worship or private devotion. The wide thematic range includes subjects for which prayers are not always readily available. In addition to prayers for many world, national, local and people’s needs, there are prayers for our stewardship of God’s world and prayers inspired by ordinary but often overlooked events in daily life including subjects like pets, dementia, unintentional hurt, people with special needs, fostering, people we miss, exams, carers, road safety, undervalued workers, foodbanks, and families under stress.

Many of the prayers were written during Rosalind Brown’s thirteen years of ministry at Durham Cathedral, and, as one Evensong worshipper put it, they “say what I want to say to God”.

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