In Awesome Wonder: Bridging Faith and Science

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Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-148-4

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​What if we could see the theory of evolution in the light of the suffering of Christ and our journeys as Christians?

How can and do Christians respond to the climate chaos that is forcing the hands of governments and scaring young people to joining climate strikes?

Can we find comfort in a time where data, graphs and numbers inform political decisions about the worst pandemic in 100 years?

Although science is almost ubiquitous in the modern world, for many Christians there is a gap between science and their faith. The authors of this book – a biology teacher and a pastor – explore a number of subjects such as creation, evolution, cosmology and pandemics, and show how science and faith can mutually enrich each other and can be incorporated, confidently and healthily, into a Christian worldview.



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